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Organizer of Mecatronic & Plastronic Connection
first connection

FIRST CONNECTION's objective is to organize business meetings to encourage technological partnerships and business trade between SME, research centers, start-ups, subcontractors and large groups. Our events are organized by sectors (aerospace, railway, medical, energy) or deal with transversal topics (technological innovation, mechatronics, plastronics, digital, ...).

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A propos de Mecatronic & Plastronic Connection / About Mecatronic & Plastronic Connection

Connaissant un succès grandissant, ces événements ont réuni en 2016 plus de 150 entreprises européennes, avec l'objectif d’amorcer des partenariats technologiques entre des offreurs (PME, start-up, …) spécialisés en mécatronique et plastronique et des donneurs d’ordres (grands groupes, ETI, …) issus de domaines très variés tels que l’automobile, l’aéronautique, la défense, le ferroviaire, le médical et les équipements industriels …

With a growing success, these events brought together more than 150 European companies in 2016, with the aim of initiating technological partnerships between suppliers (SMEs, start-ups, etc.) specialized in mechatronics and plastronics, and contractors (large groups, Intermediary company, ...) from various activity bfields such as automotive, aeronautics, defense, railway, medical and industrial equipment ...

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First Connection

8 rue la fontaine 92120 Montrouge

Tel : +33 (0)1 49 12 44 79 

Email : info@firstconnection.fr

first connection