You will find below the list of companies that exhibited on the 2018 edition.


The list for 2020 is in progress.



7TECH designs, manufactures and commissions special machines or testing benches, whether single or in series. Writing of technical files. Design and development of your equipment thanks to CAD technical means. Compliance of production equipment and testing benches. Consulting and technical expertise. Monitoring and maintenance of installed machines.



Manufacturer of precision technical plastics parts for industrial applications. We specialize in technical resins injection processes (PPS-PPA-PEI-PBT-PA), with or without overmolding of metal inserts and occasional light assembly systems. We usually operate with engineering early involvement in complex projects and contribute in product design optimization, tooling design and automated manufacturing processes.



ADM Industrie specialized in cutting, stamping, tool-making and component assembly. ADM Industrie is integrated in moulding and overmoulding by technical plastic injection. We have a strong presence in advance technology markets: luxury, automotive, electronics, connectics, electricity, household electrical appliances. We closely cooperate with our customers and offer them our know-how and our experience, and all the support they expect from a valuable subcontractor. SOTECH offers surface coating solutions.



AEM is a French company settled in the Lot region. Around its core business in electromechanical industry, AEM developed complementary skills:  Wiring preparation by automates, ribbon, cable, … • Mounting and assembly of connectic subassemblies • Integration and testing of electromechanical subassemblies • Electrical and ultra sound compacting (1 to 25 mm²) • Low and High pressure overmoulding (Hot Melt) • Overmoulding and sealing of connectic cables and printed circuits • Wiring of boxes and cabinets tintegrated in laser engraving • Design of machine and automation for all kind of technical overmoulding and bonding. We work in partnership with key contractors for studies and industrialization of specific products. Electrical equipment manufacturer or subcontractors in aeronautics, medical, military and agricultural industries: all our customers certify our know-how.



Based on double know-how automotive and electronics, All Circuits  is a leading EMS company for medium and high volume electronics manufacturing. With 4 plants in the world with complementary background and localization, we design and industrialize high-quality electronics, using highly automated lines to offer competitive and tailor-made services to diversified applications.MSL in France, a 25 years experienced plant, is the excellence center  dedicated to NPI and manufacturing automotive business (full supply chain, single digit ppm, test experts, labs …).Other plants (France, Tunisia, Mexico) propose also high level services for Transportation, Medical, Industry, Energy, Communications/ IoT.



APLUS Système Automation is one of the leaders in the French industrial computer industry. Our teams and our regional offices have expanded knowledge of multiple business applications in the areas of distribution, defence, security and industry at large. For some of them particularly dedicated to railway applications : our embedded PC fully comply with standards. The largest French and European companies have trusted us for many years.



ARC EN CIEL SERIGRAPHIE, designs and manufactures since 30 years, IHM sets (Human-Machine Interfaces). We use, for this: screen printing, mecatronic and soon plastronic technologies.



Design and manufacture of technicals molds for thermoplastic injection (technical and high performances materials) : Over-molding lead frame, overmolding inserts, bi-injection (transfer and rotary), multi-cavities - Series production molds with tuning and deformation - Economic molds for prototype phase.



Expertise in cutting, moulding, injection and over molding plastic ,the assembly of subsets and mechatronic electronic components. Our know-how of electrical functions, bus bars, integrated electronics, antennas, sensors and electrical actuators, ensures you have access to the most innovative technologies for the design, prototyping and mass production of your products.




With 60-year expertise in interconnect, mechatronics and process assembly, Axon’ Mechatronics designs and manufacture interconnect solutions including stamping, moulded and overmoulded components, connectors and mechatronics (M.I.D). The company is known worldwide for insertion machines and preforming machines designed for manufacturers of PCB and electronics components. The company specialises in custom designed industrial interconnect solutions for different markets including automotive, building, electrical appliances, energy, medical and telecommunications.




AXYSTO is specialized in manufacturing & distributing robotic equipment, tooling and handling machinery. We sell custom made parts & distribute robot equipment. Services : Robotics New & Used - Internal Transport - Ergonomic Equipment.



BECHEM is today one of the leading producers of high-quality special lubricants and metal working fluids. BECHEM products convince by innovative formulations in most different industrial applications – in machining and forming metal working processes, in coating technology or as for-life lubricant in various technical components.



CCI Eurolam group provides products and processes for 3D electronics manufacturing such as plating chemistry from Dow/Dupont for 3D Molded Interconnect Devices, functional inks from Dupont PVAM for In Mold Electronics technology, low temperature solder pastes for soldering components on plastic, and Kapton and copper cladded Kapton based laminates. 

CEA LITEN       


PICTIC is a technological platform dedicated to electronics and printed sensors. It is located at the CEA-Liten in Grenoble, an European institute dedicated to new energy technologies and materials. PICTIC offers industry development and prototyping services : materials, printing processes, components and integration into the product (plastronics).



Company specialized in the development of EMI and Thermal management products and solutions. With interactions in over 27 countries, we are closer to the customer and their needs, providing expertise in innovations. We also offer support from project concept to realization until product launch, offering added value for competitiveness and better leadtimes. 90% of our solutions are custom solutions, adapting to customer requirements. Our ISO 9001 2015 norm guarantees conformity and rigor in different work steps. We are integrated to an important French industrial group, which can assure sustainability and success in our partnership.



Copelectronic has been producing electric and electronic assemblies (and subassemblies) for use by industry and professionals in its native Bearn (South-West France) for over 25 years. We manufacture small and medium-sized series of electric bundles and strands, command-control panels and frames, electronic boards and assemblies. 



CRITT is a center for innovation and technology transfer whose mission is to support companies in their modernization projects related to digital transition and to increase the competitiveness of companies by promoting the spreading and mastery of digital technologies in the industrial process. Its field of intervention and expertise is related to the problems of industry 4.0: numerical simulation (CAD, CAM, PDM, VR.) - information systems (CRM, ERP, BI, MES, ... ) - collaborative robotics - optical metrology.



Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group world class innovative technological partner combining Conception & Manufacturing of parts & sub-assemblies using high performance Plastics & Composites for metal replacement. Unique MULTIPLASTURGY® offer combining expertise & technologies in project management, Machining, TP&TS Injection, Micro precision injection molding, 3D injection, Thermoforming, TP composites, RTM, Plastronic, Painting, Metallisation and Assembly. Plastic expert in EMC & Plastronic across 3 technologies: Injection, Metallisation and Absorbers. 




Research, development and industrialization of mechatronic assemblies (systems using sensors and actuators). By providing expert cross knowledge, covering the fields of automatics, electronics and mechanics, the intervention of DIGILAC allows a comprehensive and collaborative approach of your project. We perform mixed models and prototypes, integrating sensors, actuators, mechanics and electronics to validate your product. An approach based on modeling and rapid prototyping is used to evaluate solutions maintaining a high level of abstraction.



In the Mechatronics field, ECM designs and develops cyberphysical real-time critical systems  applied to the transportation industry, models use cases and select safe logical system architectures and provides reverse engineering and project expertise. For this purpose, ECM brings in its skills in agile project management, design thinking, and innovative multiphysical systems.



Development, industrialization and manufacturing of electromechanical and electronic equipment in small and medium series (50 to 5000 pieces / year) for other companies. All skills on a single site, including: analog electronics, power electronics, radio frequency electronics, optoelectronics, digital electronics, embedded software, industrial computing, automation, precision, machining, molding, hydraulics and pneumatics.



Mind is a Franco-Swiss collaborative platform that supports its public and private partners in the design and development of innovative products by the maturation and integration of new electronic advanced technologies.



With over 50 years of experience, GROSPERRIN perpetuates its knowledge in punching and stamping. Technicality, quality and rigor allow to answer to your most requirements. Park of presses from 25 to 315 tons (speed press BRUDERER, capacity 25 to 125T, also with half speed press KAISER, capacity 100 to 315T ) combined with die integration ensures a balance, quality, deadline, technicality in all raw material with complex forms. GROSPERRIN transform steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze and brass with a thickness from some 0.10mm to 4mm. Deliveries bulk, clusters, strips.



Planned for 2022, the "Cité de la Plastronique"  will bring together a unique ecosystem of economic players and industrial companies who make the convergence of technologies and industries a strong lever of innovation. At the heart of the Plasticampus in Oyonnax, this 7,500 sqm Cité will welcome businesses, students, start-ups, technological platforms, laboratories and economic players to train new skills, support technological projects and open up the plastics industry to the innovations and changes of tomorrow.



HEPIA is a University of Applied Sciences training engineers and architects at the bachelor and master level. Besides its professional training activity, it has applied research institutes in the field of Industrial Technology and Science. One of its research domain focuses on the application of microtechnology in Bioengineering. It is in this context that printing activity of circuits and sensors on polymer has been developed over the past 7 years. Development of sensors on polymer membranes and of measurement instruments, including in the field of in vitro tests and biomedical devices. We seek to enhance the pad printing techniques of sensors, biosensors, antennas and circuits developed in recent years in our laboratories with interested industries.



The Ampère Laboratory’s scope of research research covers three disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Automation, and Bioengineering. Our research consists in managing and using energy rationally in systems in relation with their environment. It consists in understanding physical phenomena and modelling them to design complex components and systems; thus, it is a general approach to engineering. Development of a plastronics platform for manufacuring 3D packages for power electronics.



In PLAST stands out for its professionalism and know-how in the field of plastic processing by injection. We also carry out internally the application of conductive paint, electromagnetic shielding, tampon marking, overmolding, hot inserts and assembly. Created in 1986, its specialized staff has gained a solid experience working for very demanding sectors such as medical, electronics, automotive, building by producing technical and appearance parts


IPC - Innovation Plasturgie Composites     


IPC is the Industrial Technical Center whose expertise is dedicated to plastic and composite innovation as well as the development of products and concepts involving hybrid materials and integrating functionalization: Plastronics (3D interconnections, sensors, antennas, security, shielding ...) - Replication of micro / nanometric structures - Hybrid composites - Optimal design of structural parts - Complete product / process development - Optimization of thermal aspects for tooling




Specialist of industrial laser applications (welding, additive manufacturing, µ-applications, safety). IREPA Laser offers industrial studies, sub-manufacturing, consulting & expertise, training, ..



Keol offers bonding and bonding solutions for the attachment of mechatronic elements, such as plastics, glass and metals, alone or in combination. We also offer sealing products for the protection of electronic components. Keol is an industrial services company specializing in high-precision bonding, coating of electronic components and distribution of dosing equipment, technical glues, insolation lamp, for the assembly of materials. 



Manufacturer of mechanic and electronic solutions, MDP offers an integrated service: distribution, design and production of mechatronic subassemblies. French center for R&D and production dedicated to customer applications of the maxon motor group, MDP offers an integrated approach of multi-technology and multi-brand distribution, design and production of motorized subassemblies for various industrial sectors such as medical, aeronautics, robotics, ...



Specialising in industrial sub-contracting and the integration of electronic and electro-mechanical products, MEREM has offered customers its services for all stages of their projects, from defining specifications to integrating the electronics.Using advanced technological equipment, MEREM manufactures electronic systems for the most demanding sectors.Since the success of a project relies greatly on responsiveness and innovation, we strive to support the development of our customers’ products with technical know-how for optimised “time-to-market”. REFERENCES: Access control, Industrial connected objects, Industrial automation, Medical, Railways, Automotive, Energy, Measurement, Security, ...



Metalis is specialized in high speed precision stamping and metalloplastic overmolding of complex parts, with possible assembly in-line (directly in-the-tool or outside, with possible robotization or cobotization) and other finishing operations (particular cleanliness, camera / acoustic checking, specific packaging...). With its 8 global plants in Europe and Asia, Metalis supports its customers in co-development and optimizes productivity with innovative technologies to offer an efficient economic offer to customers.



Multiple Dimensions AG is an international pacemaker for miniaturization in the technology sector. The focus of the independent company is on 3D – MID (Molded Interconnect Devices) technology for the pioneering structure minimization of electronic devices or modules. The headquarters of Multiple Dimensions AG is located in Bruegg, Switzerland, as well as the modern, highly automated production plant. We maintain a worldwide technology and sales network for local support.


FRANCE (site in construction)

Founded in 1960, OLLIET is specialized in thermoplastic injection since 40 years. 18 injection molding presses from 50T to 750T (possible to offer production up to 2300T), centralized and fully automated machine park. Overmolding mastery (inserts / thermoplastics, thermoplastics / thermoplastics), IML, mastering outsourcing decoration, welds.Integrated in BE, proposal of co-development. Tools development via a local panel and LC. OLLIET certified ISO9001 and IATF 16949.



ON is a french engineering company created in 2006 who specialized in mould making and plastic injection. It is organized into 4 entities : ON Engineering (engineering office), ON Factory (injection factory in China), ON mould (mould manufacturing), ON PLAST (injection factory in France). Design, prototyping, mold manufacturing, plastic injection in China or in France, assembly, electronic conception and integration, packaging, logistic : ON is offering you full project management from concept to production.



From training, to a diverse line of hardware, software, and pressure and temperature sensors, RJG works with plastic injection molders to help them supply absolute quality parts to their customers. Helping molders build an overall strategy for productivity and process improvement is what we’ve been doing for over 30 years. We want our molders to be the most sought after molders in the industry, so we provide the tools to make that possible and back it with the best support in the industry. Our customers take comfort in knowing they won’t ship out any bad parts. And our commitment doesn’t stop with the sale, we work with customers to design a solution, and then keep working with them throughout the implementation.

S2P - Smart Plastic Products



S2P helps you to facilitate the integration of electronics in your 3D complex products. From designing to industrialization, with a reliable industrial process, we integrate 3D conductive tracks and electronic components direct onto the plastic or composite parts, with complex 3D shapes. Combined with conventional PCB/Flex technologies, it helps you integrating electronics in constrained volumes: 3D antennas, 3D sensors,  3D LED lighting functions, 3D interconnections to suppress wires, Passive or active electronic components, Shielding areas, integrated connectors, … New ergonomic and miniaturized shapes can be created for your electronic products.




Founded in 1976, SABIC is today the first public,global multinational enterprise headquartered in the Middle East. Our products range from bulk commodity chemicals to highly engineered plastics for demanding applications. Since the development of melt-processed fluoropolymer compounds in 1948, SABIC Specialty Compounds continue to provide innovative solutions to both customer and industrial challenges.  These solutions range from non-PTFE wear-resistant alloys to THERMOCOMP™ compounds for large format additive manufacturing (LFAM).





Specialist in the design and manufacture of high precision molded silicone subassemblies. Our parts are used for low voltage electrical switching (keypads), decorated parts, assemblies on plastic or metal materials. We are developing a range of soft silicone sensors, as well as haptik feedback electromechanical components (actuators, vibrators) based on silicones.




Sintex NP Group is a European leader in processing polymers, composites and precision metal parts. We collaborate with our customers worldwide to provide them with the products and services they need in a wide range of industries: aeronautics, automotive, electronics, construction, household goods, sports, leisure products, etc. Headquartered in Genas, France, our Group operates industrial sites in Germany, Eastern Europe and North Africa. Our expertise is focused on four main technologies: thermoplastics, thermoset forming, metal engineering and electronics.  Our R&D teams provide innovative technologies, often working in partnerships with our customers and third-party companies on the latest processing and design applications. We apply quality standards complying with ISO/AQAP standards and our foreign subsidiaries provide specific services to customers close to their assembly facilities




Stratasys is a global leader in additive technology solutions for industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Products and Education. For nearly 30 years, a deep and ongoing focus on customers’ business requirements that create new value across product lifecycle processes, from design prototypes to manufacturing tools and final production parts.




Sudelec is an expert in manufacturing electronic boards. Skills offer: design, study and industrialization / logistic purchases / production & manufacturing / assembly and testing of electronic assemblies. The company is able to assembly any components, from the simplest to the most sophisticated and master the insertion of components and the CMS (2 automatic lines). The entire production is controlled with a 3D AOI. Functional tests during production and post-production.



EMS & EEMS services (Engineering Electronic Manufacturing Services): Chip on board, hybrid thick film, flip-chip, THT, SMD and others. Turck Duotec’s offer : Development, electronic manufacturing, electronic protection, supply chain and product lifecycle management for customized electronic manufacturing.  In the field of Mechanical packaging services, Turck Duotec offers the following services : IP protection up to IP69K, shock and vibration proofed technologies, housing technology, encapsulation by overmolding, varnishing, hot melt, foaming and potting, assembly, autoclave proofed electronic modules and others. 




WACKER develops and manufactures products for all key global industries and is active in the silicone, polymer, fine chemicals, polysilicon and semiconductor ... ELASTOSIL® Film is a ultrathin, high-precision film of crosslinked silicone rubber which is available in various thicknesses manufactured entirely without solvents. ELASTOSIL® Film is ideal for use as a dielectric precision layer in innovative, future-oriented electronics applications based on so-called EAPs (ElectroActive Polymers) – such as:  Actuators (“artificial muscle”) - Generators (energy harvesting) -  Sensors. When stimulated by an electric field, the Silicone Films change their size or shape. Conversely, when EAPs undergo change by compression, the corresponding changes in the electric field can be measured.




WEVO-CHEMIE GmbH offers customised casting resins for potting, bonding and sealing. Wevo casting resins based on polyurethane, epoxy or Silicone are used to protect electrical and electronic components in the industrial, energy, household appliance or automotive sectors.

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