MecaPlasTronic Connection 2022

Conf 17 | Printed electronics: a technology adapted to the functionalisation of plastic and composite parts

Nov 30, 2022 | 9:30 AM - 9:55 AM

Salle B


Thanks to its properties of flexibility, thinness, deformability and low cost, printed electronics is a solution of choice for the functionalization of plastic and composite parts. Within the framework of the ELIPPSE project, IPC and its partners have established a consortium covering the entire IME value chain. The work has led to the production of functional plastic parts with very high aspect ratios, opening the way to a large number of applications. In the field of instrumented composites, IPC has led recent developments for the integration of printed electronics by stamping/overmoulding of prepregs. For example, in the European OASIS project, a battery case for aeronautics was equipped with a printed temperature sensor, directly encapsulated in the structure of the composite part, allowing the early detection of thermal runaway. These examples illustrate the high potential of printed electronics for the development of intelligent products.

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