MecaPlasTronic Connection 2022


Stand: 36


A merger between the solidarity economy and industrial performance, ADTP is now a major player in the regional economy, combining nearly 20 different skills in the following areas: manual and automatic packaging and assembly solutions, production of electronic CMS and traditional boards, assembly and wiring, electronic integration and related testing, manual or semi-automatic dimensional industrial control, logistics integrating the principles of circular economy or functionality economy and industrialization. ADTP also has a mechatronic design office capable of producing prototypes from A to Z (electronic product design, consulting in mechanical assembly solution and industrialization, prototyping and 3D printing, mechanical workshop for small and large series, electronic cards, testing in constrained environments, network of injection and turning partners).

Application Fields

Industrial equipment
Electricity /Electronics

Fields of competence

Mechatronics - Electronics - Robotics

Certifications & Standards

ISO 9001.


As part of a European project, ADTP’s electronic design office is collaborating with the G-Scop laboratory in Grenoble to develop an intelligent substation for the control of mechanical parts packaging. It allows workers to gain confidence and develop their skills by entrusting them with tasks more complex than those previously carried out while securing processes. It is work assistance because it facilitates the self-monitoring of work done by a person with a disability. Concretely, it is a visual inspection by camera, based on image processing with an I.A. model of deep learning. This system guarantees the right number of parts, their good reference thus avoiding nonconformities while freeing themselves from scales and reducing the loss of time related to visual inspection. AI does not replace the human, does not disturb him, but is at his service to improve the workplace and well-being of the worker.