MecaPlasTronic Connection 2022


Stand: 61


Eurecat is the main technology centre in Catalonia. With extensive experience in the development of innovative solutions based on intelligent functional materials and devices, Eurecat is responsible for coordinating the MADRAS project and leading the development of the IME process. The MADRAS project consisted in developing advanced materials, including transparent conducting inks and paper-based substrates, and manufacturing processes for a scalable production of cost competitive and durable Organic Large Area Electronics (OLAE) flexible devices. The innovative technologies developed during MADRAS project has been implemented in two demonstrators of plastic-embedded printed electronics in two different sectors: MADRAS new biometric photosensor which is a fingerprint biometric reader based on photodetection for users’ recognition for a scooter-sharing company and the MADRAS geo tracking flexible self-adhesive smart tag which can be attached to objects such as tools, vehicles and parts in assembly lines to be localized when needed for the packaging and logistics sector . Moreover, MADRAS is much more and their results can be applied in a wide variety of markets such as healthcare, automotive, energy or food distribution.

Application Fields

Home automation
Industrial equipment
Machine tools
Electricity /Electronics

Fields of competence

Plastronics - Plastics processing
Printed electronics - Organic electronics