MecaPlasTronic Connection 2022



AFELIM brings together the various contributors of the printed electronics sector in France. The association integrates the printed and organic electronics value chain actors and, in this way, strengthens their actions. Our main role is to promote this new area and so the professional image of the profession. 

 The association is constantly looking for new members to integrate them in the printed and organic electronics value chain and so to strengthen its actions: create a network of members working in the printed electronics field, discuss on challenges facing the profession, enhance the reputation of the sector, develop a strong link between R&D and manufacturing, strengthen contacts with public authorities by providing messages from the profession, distribute information from the markets, open up access to major research programmes, represent the entity and its members at various professional eventsand trade shows and act as a go-between with European and worldwide entities. 

 The birth of printed electronics is a revolution. The cost-performance ratio of this new technology makes it very attractive for various applications and the current trend of integrating electronic components into intelligent objects encourages its development. 

Contact: Afelim
8, avenue Duval Le Camus – 92 210 Saint-Cloud – France
Tel: +33 (0) 1 49 11 51 69 


POLYMERIS is the only competitive cluster dedicated to rubbers, plastics and composites. The cluster has 15 years of expertise and experience in company support, with an in-depth knowledge of techniques and future markets. As a reference in innovation for sectors such as plastics, rubbers and composites, Polymeris works in France and abroad for a dynamic and innovative industry which relies on a network of public and private actors at a regional, national and european level. Polymeris offers services to all industrials to develop new R&D projects, to generate and promote innovation and to expand abroad. 

Contact: Polymeris
180, rue Pierre et Marie Curie - 01 100 Bellignat - France
Tel: +33 (0) 4 74 12 19 23


S2P was created on the initiative of IPC technical center, of the competitive cluster POLYMERIS, and of renowned industrials belonging to electronics and plastic processing sectors. S2P was created to offer a global solution for the development and production of intelligent plastic products. S2P miniaturises electronic systems by directly transfering functions on 3D complex plastic parts. 

Contact: S2P 
5, rue Pierre et Marie Curie – 01 100 Bellignat – France 
Tel: +33 (0) 4 81 920 630


With 28 schools all around the romand territory and 21,000 students, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) is the wider network of higher professional training of Switzerland. With 9 main fields of study and 4 research institutes, HEPIA answers HES-SO’s missions which stem from the federal law on HES (higher education schools in Switzerland) from October 6th, 1995: training based on practice, continuing education, applied research and development, services provision, international relationships. With more than 1,000 students, roughly 350 collaborators and 2 sites (Geneva and Lullier), HEPIA is one of the most important schools of HES-SO Geneva. The school possesses applied research institutes in the domain of Sciences and Industrial Technologies. One of its axis of research focuses on microtechnique applications in bioengineering. In this context, an activiy of circuit and captor printing on polymeres was developped for the last 7 years. 

Contact: Hepia
4, rue de la Prairie – CH-1202 Genève - Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 546 24 00

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